CNG in the News

CoreNet Global Major Media Hits - June 6 – 12, 2012

The office is shrinking as tech creates workplace everywhere USA Today cites CoreNet Global data in feature story on today’s ‘smaller and smarter’ workplace portfolio, and how office space per person is shrinking as work cultures also shift.

Balancing the Needs for Collaboration and Privacy: A Tall Order in Workplace Design Forbes references CoreNet Global’s 2012 State of the Industry Report in a post about balancing the needs for collaboration and heads-down focus in today’s open work environments.

CNBC adds to USA Today’s coverage of CoreNet Global about how technology creates “workplace everywhere.”

CIO Today cites CoreNet Global survey results on how today’s "smaller and smarter" office trend is expected to accelerate.

CRE Geek: The convergence of commercial real estate, social media & technology spins USA Today feature with slant on “Coworking or the Corner Office?”